Gregg Robinson

Visual art that transforms your world into a comfortable,

memorable and inspiring space

Gregg was born in Zimbabwe where his love and understanding for the African wilderness started at an early age.  He has worked in, walked in and photographed some of the most stunning areas over the past 30 years, allowing his creative steak to follow an adventurous spirit.  He is blessed to have had this opportunity right on his doorstep and calls it his backyard.
His passion for photography, visual arts and print making was cemented long before he picked up a camera.  A successful entrepreneur and commercial photographer for many years, he's published two books along the way, Mana Pools in 2013 and Elephants & Albidas five years later, and he's often working towards another book or exhibition.
The artist in him loves nothing more than to spend time in his darkroom and studio, spinning a vinyl with great coffee close by.  There he immerses himself in the pursuit of age-old, alternative photography processes, developing images through contact printing techniques onto the finest cotton papers in a timeless manner.
He loves this noble art, and is full of admiration for the master printers still perfecting and sharing their trade today.  The chemistry, feel of the paper and solitude of this art form slows everything down to a stately pace and transports you away from today's chaotic and tech-filled existence.  It's a chance to slip back in time and experience the simple joy of watching a print come to life. 
"Knowing that each piece will eventually end up in someone's home is a delight," said Gregg, who works closely with gallerists and interior designers.  "I love producing that special print where time's frozen, allowing you to drift away into its soul."  Gregg prints his own as well as clients' work. He takes on photographic projects and with his business and marketing skills, works with clients to showcase safari and travel destinations. He runs training courses and leads private photographic groups on safari into Southern Africa. His commercial clients are varied such as hotels, lodges, camps, corporate offices, schools, churches, universities, interior decorators, printers, developers, publications, travel destinations, digital marketers and content creators.
Gregg's connection with the wilderness has moulded him into an enthusiastic conservationist who believes that the understanding and preservation of the natural world is vital.  He supports many conservation initiatives and rolls his sleeves up for the greater good of the planet, believing that protecting our earth is paramount for our children's children.


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